Monday, April 27, 2009

The Last Supper

Saturday 18th April 2009
The Café was very quiet today, it was so quiet that we didn’t stay open very late at all really, we were closed by about 1.30pm, Carolyn came in and helped with the cleaning and we were done just after 3pm.
Carolyn, her dad and the kids started work early this morning on trying to get the Bunny Run completed, Carolyns dad had hoped that it would have been finished by now so that he could have one last relaxing day here before flying home.
Unfortunately for him we have become fairly laid back since we have been here and don’t tend to worry about things too much, hence we haven’t been pushing too hard for it to be finished, hence the mad rush today.
That’s not to say that we don’t have worries though, on the contrary we do, we just don’t worry about them and things just seem to work out.
We think it has probably got something to do with the fact that nobody else round here seems to worry, so why should we and at the moment it seems to be working.
The last of the Bunny Run was finished at about 1pm and it looks really good, fit for a King Bunny you might say.
While Carolyn helped clean the Café this afternoon, her dad and the kids went down to the Nautical Lady on the foreshore for a bit of R & R, he relaxed over a cup of coffee while the kids Ran Riot in Jungle Bungle for a couple of hours.
Ian and Carolyn met them after they finished work, the 3 adults just sat with a coffee having a chin wag for a while until they were noticed by the kids who had decided they wanted something different.
In the evening we went into Busselton to show Carolyns dad a bit of the bustling nightlife, unfortunately all the people who hadn’t come into the Café today, weren’t coming out to play this evening either.
We started in the Vasse, had a beer in there whilst toying with whether to stay there and eat or move on to the Nard (Esplanade), the Nard came out on top because they have a climbing frame whereas the Vasse has nothing for the kids at all.
We walked down to the Nard expecting it to be very busy as it usually is on a Saturday, and the place was empty, they either knew we were coming or Busselton is not very popular in the places to go stakes today.
The food in the Nard wasn’t as good tonight as it usually is, Ian and Frasers steaks which where supposed to be Medium and Medium Well respectively, were still kicking when they were brought out.
Neither of them mind a bit of blood from their steaks and ate them, Ian did let them know though that they were extremely underdone and whilst we had eaten them another customer would have been well within their rights to send them back.
They said they would let the chef know which is all we can hope for, the last thing we want is for this place to go down hill, we’ll have nowhere to go for a meal.
After dinner we sat outside and had a drink and a chat while the kids played, it was warmer out there than it was inside with the air conditioning on.


Carrien Blue said...

thanks for your last comment, it brought a smile.

I tagged you.

Ganeida said...

lol. You should try the night life round here! Once the shop shuts at 8pm everyone goes home to watch telly. Most people are home long before that