Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bunnies for Sale

Thursday 9th April 2009
To all intents and purposes the kids finished School yesterday, but today is officially the last day before the Easter Break, so the school arrange Parent/Teacher Meetings.
Carolyn had to go to 7 meetings today, 2 each for Marisa and Kristian and 3 for Fraser. The general feed back from the teachers was that the kids were doing well, some better than others but all working hard.
While Carolyn was in the meetings her dad was left in charge of the kids, Fraser took him round the Woodwork and Metalwork rooms and Marisa got him playing on the school swings and play equipment, he had a great time.
Carolyn and the kids took the baby bunnies to the pet shop to have them sexed and sold, there were 6 girls and 2 boys.
Needless to say the kids didn’t want to get rid of any of them, but in the end we agreed to keep 3 of them and sell the other 5. Although Fraser has not been the most diligent carer of the rabbits, he has always stopped whatever he was doing without complaint whenever he has been asked to do something for them, that is despite having a massive homework load at the moment, so we let him keep the money.


Little Nut Tree Blog said...

I used to breed and sell Hamsters you know - I had tens of them in my room and my parents never knew - sold them to a pet shop for £3.50 each (and spent all the money on chocolate - hence I'm an adult with a weight issue!!)

I hated selling them though - I always worried that I would accidentally be responsible for one of them being mistreated. I had a misguided belief that only I could be trusted to do it properly - A trait I haven't quite let go of in any aspect of my life!

Ganeida said...

I used to hate parent teacher interviews. :( Mine were all good ar odd things ~ nothing academic! lol.