Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Cars

Wednesday 8th April 2009
Carolyn and her dad took the morning out to stroll down to Stilts and relax over coffee, not very British we know, but when in Rome as they say.
They then had lunch at the CafĂ© before Carolyn dropped her dad off at the local Car Museum, so that he could look over some of, what by Australian standards are really old cars. We don’t think he found any as old as the ones he likes working on, but he did enjoy having a chat about them with the owner.
Our builder who turned our dining room into a bedroom a few weeks ago, finally came back to finish the job this afternoon, apparently he had been too busy doing up his place in Perth and had forgotten about us.
The weather today has been positively delightful and where we would normally get a cold wind in the evening, it stayed calm and warm, so we had dinner in the garden tonight.

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