Monday, April 27, 2009

2003 Claret

Thursday 16th April 2009
We were busy in the Café today, it was almost like all those people who had decided to have a day away from Busselton yesterday, had decided to stay in town today.
Marisa had to go and see the Orthodontist again this morning, he had to adjust her brace a bit, but other than that was quite happy and sent her away for another three months.
Carolyn, her dad and the kids went to Tuart Forest on the outskirts of Busselton in a last ditch attempt to see some Kangaroos, they were not disappointed and saw quite a few.
They then went to Wonnerup House which is one of the few buildings of historical interest in this area that hasn’t been ripped apart.
The couple who open the buildings are real fanatics and know all sorts of interesting snippets about the family that lived there, where they came from in England (Bedfordshire), where the original owner was speared to Death by Aboriginals (next to the original house) when he got involved in an argument (with men with spears????).
There is an old stable with log floors, a Blacksmiths shop with all sorts of old ‘stuff’ that Carolyns Dad enjoyed poking through, explaining all of its uses to the kids as he went along, all just laying around, have we mentioned how honest everyone is out here.
After a wander around the pasture and inspecting a wheel from a train that used to roll through the area, they drove across the road and looked through the one roomed schoolhouse and the schoolteachers house, the school was last used the year Carolyns dads old Renault was built, a while ago…Dad?
They went to the Café for lunch before going home and getting the bikes out and riding along the Cycle Path back into Busselton, in true HoJo tradition they had an Ice Cream from Gelato before heading for home again.
Tonight we finished off our final Bottle of House of Commons wine, it was the House Pinot Noir given to us as a leaving present from one of our customers when we left the Pub in Axbridge.
He actually gave us a couple of bottles of Red Wine, the other was a 2003 Claret which we drank a little while ago now and it was absolutely gorgeous, thanks Mark and if you happen to be working there again and they still have some you could do a lot worse than buying a few cases of it for yourself.

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grandadhojo said...

Compared with English historic buildings the Renaults are not very old - 96 or 97 years old and still going strong, but compared with the history of those who emigrated to Australia I guess this is quite a percentage of their history.