Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Wedding Dinner

Saturday 7th March 2009
Last night we were woken at about 3am by a load of people swearing outside the house opposite, the guy who owns the place works in the mines for six weeks at a time so while he’s away the kids take over the place. They often have parties there and this is not the first time we have been woken by their antics in the middle of the night, you just don’t need it when you have to get up early the next morning.
Carolyn organised tickets for Ians Dad, Janet, Sharon and the kids to go to the Jetty and visit the under water observatory, so she dropped them off at the Jetty on the way in to work.
We were a bit short staffed today because one of them had a wedding to go to, another can only work every other weekend and the third was part of a delegation going to Perth for something to do with the United Nations, we thought we had better not say she couldn’t go to that just in case she becomes someone high up in world politics in the future and comes back to make our lives a misery. Of course if she does become a major player in world politics we need to have enough material to write a book, she hasn’t been with us that long and Ian’s not the sort of person to make things up, although it didn’t do Jeffrey Archer any harm in the long run.
It was just as well that Carolyn came in to work today as it was probably the busiest Saturday we have had since Christmas, the town was full of tourist and they all appeared to want to eat Sausages, Mash and Onion Gravy, we sold loads of it.
Ians Dad and co had a great time at the Jetty and came back to the Café for lunch, guess what they wanted for dinner, yep Sausages Mash and Onion Gravy, how British can you get.
After dinner they went to the Old Butter Factory which is now the Local Museum and a very interesting place to visit, they were impressed as we were with the diaries telling the stories of how they survived the harshness of this foreign climate with virtually no shelter and just enough tools to get them started.
We finished work at about 4pm and sat in the back garden chatting for about an hour before having a shower and jumping in a taxi to take us into town.
We had booked a table at the Esplanade (Nard) for dinner, it is not the most salubrious place in town, but we have never had a bad meal, the service and the prices are ok and it was the safest place to take Ians Dad and Janet for their wedding celebration dinner in Australia.
We did however find fault with the Nard tonight, sods law really (Murphys Law over here), when we checked the bill, some wine had been added to the bill and we had not been drinking it. After a few minutes the situation was sorted and the member of staff who had done it had apologised profusely, we then jumped in the taxi and went home.
When we got home we sat up for about an hour chatting before going to bed, they are having another party over the road but hopefully they will be a bit quieter tonight.


Anonymous said...

I could murder sausage mash and gravy right now. Hate to think what it'd come out of the canteen like though.

Anonymous said...

eldest emailed Missy last weekend...did it reach you, and could she reply if it did? Ta muchly :)