Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh Strawberries at Coles

Friday 6th March 2009
It was a busy day in the Café again today, Carolyn came in to help out for a short while at lunchtime but spent most of the day tidying up the house and waiting for the builder to turn up.
Ian bought some Strawberries today from Coles Supermarket opposite the Café, they were in 250gm boxes and had a price flash stuck across the label, it read Only $1 and still fresh. Presumably this means that when they charge the normal price of $4.98, they are tucking us up, not just with the price but quality as well.
Why can’t these supermarkets be honest with their customers and say “Fred cocked up and over ordered on the Strawberries, we are going to bite the bullet and let you have them for a dollar otherwise we will be lumbered with them and have to throw half of them away, Ps Fred is going to get his arse kicked for this one”.
Alternatively they could bring the price down to a reasonable level in the first place and then they wouldn’t be sitting around long enough for them to be anything other than Fresh, that would also make them money by not having to employ a printer.
Ians dad and co arrived at just after 5pm and the builder was still working on their bedroom, he did manage to finish by about 6.30pm so we did get the room set up and ready for use before bedtime.
We all sat outside in the garden and had Lasagne and Salad for dinner tonight, when we had finished we took a stroll down to Stilts for a quiet drink and a chat but the place was busy and really noisy so we didn’t stay long.
Ians dad looked really well, he has not been well for quite a while and we haven’t seen him for over a year, so it was good to see.


Anonymous said...

I feel quite sorry for poor Fred now.

Ganeida said...

lol the inside perspective on the retail business is hilarious & Liddy points me to all the specials each week. :) Poor Fred. I like Fred. Fred gets me cheap strawberries because he knows the big bad supermarkets are rorting the customer & this is his small revenge. ;)