Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harvey Norman Busselton

Thursday 5th March 2009
Fraser and Marisa had a Swimming Carnival at school today, their Faction (team) which is Blue and called Naphtali won, but we don’t think Fraser and Marisa did a great deal to influence the result.
It was busy in the Café today, the food processor broke while Carolyn was using it to grate cheese, apparently Carolyn didn’t break it, it died of old age.
The fact that it was the first time Carolyn had used it while the staff have been using it all this time without any problems, is purely coincidental and definitely not her fault.
By saying that it was not Carolyns fault could make things a bit awkward in the kitchen, we have a positive fault policy in the kitchen, if something is not right or goes wrong, somebody has to be blamed.
If Carolyn is allowed to say that something is not her fault when we all know that it was being used by her at the time, then anarchy will reign and that just wouldn’t do.
Next thing you know we’d have all the staff denying knowledge every time something was amiss, and that would take all the fun out of blaming them. We’ll just have to blame her but not say it to her face.
Because the food processor died while in Carolyn’s use, but not because of that, Ian had to go and get another one from Harvey Norman. While he was there he got a Juicer as well so that we can have a go at selling Fresh Juice in the Café, we took it home and tried it there, the kids loved it but it uses a hell of a lot of fruit for not a lot of juice, so we will have to find out what we are doing wrong.
Ian interviewed a couple of potential staff today, one just really didn’t want to be there and the other was way over qualified.
In the evening after we had finished tidying up the house ready for the arrival of Ians dad and his new wife and had put the kids to bed, we watched a Bruce Willis film, Tears of the Sun, it was good.

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