Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dinner Ladies

Wednesday 4th March 2009
It was another fairly busy day at the Café today, only this time there was five of us as Carolyn had managed to come in between shopping trips and picking the kids up. It’s amazing how much easier it makes it to have that one extra person to help out, although it has to be said that the workload was spread across the day today as opposed to all at lunchtime as it was yesterday.
Our homemade specials seem to be going down well at the moment, especially the Cottage Pie, we have made everything in two portion sizes, Regular and Small for the smaller appetite and the oldies are loving it, Regular for the Men, after all Small wouldn’t be very macho and Small for the ladies, most of them anyway.
The builder was supposed to come back this evening and move a set of blinds from the lounge into the new Office/Guest Room, he didn’t turn up, we knew he wouldn’t, we should have held him hostage last night while he was still here, it is only a ten minute job apparently. We are just hoping now that he will come in tomorrow so that it is ready for when Ians Dad arrives on Friday.
This evening we had Pasta in a Bolognaise Sauce which Ian had knocked up at work for Tea, or Dinner as Carolyn and the kids would call it.
Ian has tried to learn them that Tea is what one eats in the evening and Dinner is what one eats in the middle of the day, but they (Carolyn) just won’t have it.
Tea is a light meal which is eaten in the evening because it is not good for the digestion to eat a large meal when you don’t have the time to digest it before resting, Dinner is a larger meal eaten in the middle of the day when there is still plenty of time to digest it and also take from it the energy required to work efficiently, which is what most people do in the afternoon.
Also of course there is the Dinner Lady issue, at school for ever they have had Dinner Ladies, they haven’t had Lunch Ladies, and apart from those people whose mums were Dinner Ladies, Ian cannot think of a single occasion when he or somebody he knows has had to sit quietly at the table in the evening and finish every last scrap of food while been watched by a Dinner Lady who was being paid by the education authority for the pleasure.
He can however recall there seeing loads of Dinner ladies watching menacingly over the tables in the Dining Hall at school, but never noticed any in the Lunching or Luncheon Hall, in fact he never even found the Lunching or Luncheon Hall (any members of Ians family reading this do not need to comment on that on that last statement).
If there is anyone out there reading this who could add to Ians argument and help his beloved and offspring see sense, please feel free to leave a comment.
This evening Carolyn went to the Scouts Parent Committee AGM, they discussed loads of ways to fundraise for the Scouts Jamboree on the east coast somewhere next year.
Because we have two kids that will be eligible to go, we are going to have to work extra hard at fundraising and everything they came up with for the near future is possibly on awkward dates or times as Ians dad is over here at the moment and we will want to spend as much time with them as we can.
Ian has volunteered to do a sponsored bike ride over extremely undulating countryside (some might even say hilly but the hilly word puts him on a downer) from Busselton to Augusta which is approximately 120km, but nobody seems to be interested in taking him up on it at the moment.


Ganeida said...

Lunch is that meal I usually miss in the middle of the day & if I eat it puts me to sleep. Dinner is hot at the end of the day unless, of course, it is summer in Australia when it will be salad & a cold meat, unless it is either morning or afternoon tea, which is coffee & a sweet snack like cake or biscuit. Come to think of it we usually call dinner tea. And why do you care? It is food. It goes in one end & comes out he other & inbetween it makes you go round & round. I may have that bit wrong. Maybe it's the food that goes round & round. lol. Enjoy Ian's faher's visit & eat well.

Anonymous said...

I'd help - but you're wrong *grin*.

Dinner is in the evening. Tea is in the afternoon, with scones, and cream, and jam. Not in in the morning, because that is reserved for coffee only. Anything else would be wrong.

Everybody knows that ;)

And when do we get the next Fliss update?!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I had ever heard of either lunch or "dinner in the evening" until I went to college where we sometimes had a special dinner with monkey suits, posh frocks and dancing. At school it was certainly dinner ladies in the middle of the day. I always assumed that dinner in the evening was a Southern (England) thing. But if Ian had it at school then its a complete muddle. Tea is certainly a light meal or big snack in the late afternoon, of sweet things or cucumber sandwiches, cake and, of course, tea.

Little Nut Tree Blog said...

well..... I eat lunch in the day... dinner is a meal in the day whether it's at lunch time or tea time... tea is a light meal in the evening or a big dinner is also called tea in our house ... to us anyway...

Sorry ... does that mean I'm on the fence?