Monday, March 16, 2009

Chooks on the Barbie

Sunday 8th March 2009
Ians Dad, Janet and Sharon wanted to see a bit of the coastline and Margaret River, so we went out for a drive to see what we could find.
We first stopped at the Quindalup Fauna and Flora Park, it was reasonable priced and Carolyn had a frequent visitor voucher that gave us one ticket at half price. We thought it would be a half price adult ticket, but when we showed it to the guy on the counter he charged us half price on a family ticket so we had a result there.
We saw and stroked the Dingoes, we helped feed the Joeys (baby Kangaroos), we had a look at the Rabbits and a Quokka, and wandered round the butterfly house which also home to Turtles and a Crocodile, the way the Turtles fight for their food it makes you wonder which are the more ferocious.
From there we went and had a look at Canal Rocks before going on to Prevelly, a well known haunt for surfers looking for the big wave.
Unfortunately there wasn’t much waving going on, therefore not much surfing, we did watch a few of them catch waves but they were fairly small, although that might have been the cold and the waves weren’t very big either.
We then drove into Margaret River for Coffee and Cake, or in Dad and Janets case a Devonshire Tea, they were getting tired of all the driving by this time.
We had a look round Margaret River Town Centre which they didn’t seem to be over impressed with, that is apart from the price of property in the surrounding area, which, when compared with what you would get for the same price in the UK, comes over as very reasonably priced.
In the evening we cooked up a couple of chooks (chickens) on the Barbie and had them with salad in the garden, it was lovely to be sitting outside in the warm evening air, just chilling out, and most definitely not British.
After Dinner we put the kids to bed and just sat around chatting for a couple of hours, putting the world to rights, that sort of thing and then had an early night because some of us have got to get up early, the rest did it because that’s what they always do anyway.


Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what on earth is a Quokka?

Ganeida said...

My boys know the Margaret River area; they've surfed I have to say though that they couldn't wait to get back to the east coast.

The HoJo's said...

Vic, Quokkas are nasty bitesy things that normally reside on Rottnest Islan, vicious little biters by all accounts!

Ganeida, might be a couple of years but we will get to the East Coast eventually :o)
Need to comapre the scary rides with Florida ;o)
WV = oddrushe :o)

Ganeida said...

Quokkas are Oz's version of a native cat ~ except it's not a cat & it comes with spots.

Libby said...

Not scarey rides, thrillers :-D I've always wanted to visit Perth, sounds like a cool place. You work in the hospitality industry... Groovey!

The HoJo's said...

Welcome Lobstar :o) we enjoyed Perth, but are more suited to the life down here on the coast. Love it!