Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That Monday Morning Feeling

Monday 9th March 2009
We had to get up extra early this morning so that Ian could get into work early, because we have been entertaining all weekend Ian didn’t manage to put all his machines back together.
Monday morning is most definitely not Ians favourite time of the week, but since he has been going in over the weekend to get a few bits done and reduce the Monday morning workload it has become bearable, so to go in this morning with it all to do did not make him a happy chappie.
It was busy in the Café today, there are loads and loads of older tourists around and although they might be a bit slow at eating and vacating the table, they do make the place look busy.
Ians Dad, Janet and Sharon went back to Clarkson this morning, they are going to have a couple of days rest before heading for Sidney, they are going there for 4 days and will be coming back down to see us at the end of the month, just before they head home.
Kristians Cubs was cancelled again tonight, the leader is having trouble getting away from work in time to run it. Out of the three weeks he has been trying to go, it has only been on once.
We had an early night.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's an invitation for you guys to start running the pack...

The HoJo's said...

etc etc