Monday, March 2, 2009

No Fliss Again

Saturday 28th February 2009
Apologies are in order, we appear to have offended Elena, our ex and possibly future member of staff. In our last blog we wrote “Enzo the owner and Father of Elena who used to work for us looked very sad”.
Elena has decided to misread the passage and take us to task over it, we therefore offer our almost sincere apologies. The passage concerned should have read “Enzo the owner of Gelato and Father of Elena who used to work for us looked very sad”, we apologise for any distress this may have caused Elena and would hope the trauma caused by this oversight doesn’t have too much of a detrimental effect on her love life over the long weekend.
It was a busy day at the Café today, the busiest Saturday that we have had for a good few weeks. It wasn’t made any easier by the fact that Fliss didn’t turn up for work, she gave us no warning and didn’t ring or get her lover Luke to ring with some bull excuse which is what she normally does.
Carolyn, who was going to come into work later anyway had to get the kids up and out quickly this morning which didn’t please them, so that she could give Ian a hand until some of the other staff arrived for work. Once the kids got to the Café they didn’t mind so much because it meant that they could have there breakfast there, they do like their Bacon and Eggs.
Round about lunchtime the kids went down to the foreshore to see a load of Hot Rods (custom cars) that were being shown off by their owners, they then went to Jungle Bungle for four hours before Carolyn went down there and dragged them out. They are only supposed to stay in Jungle Bungle for two hours, but we think the owners let them stay in longer because they always play with the other kids and they make the place look busy.
Fortunately Michelle came in to give us a hand for a few hours and the new girl that started today who likes to be known as Nell turned out to be a star, show her something once and next time she just gets on and does it, if only all staff could pick up the work ethos that quickly.
Unfortunately Michelle, who was our only experienced member of staff working today, could only work a few hours, this meant that we had to do all the dismantling and cleaning ourselves as it would have taken too long to talk the Saturday girls through it and meant that we didn’t finish until 5pm.
In the evening we went to Stilts for a couple of beers before coming back for an early night, by the time we went to bed we still hadn’t heard from Fliss and we know she is up and about because she is having a party at her house tonight.


Elena said...

i can sleep again :)

Ganeida said...

lol, you guys. What a hoot you lot are!