Monday, March 2, 2009

Jurassic Park

Sunday 1st March 2009
We didn’t bother going to Surf Rescue this week, after Frasers little episode with the Stingers in the water last week and the fact that the wounds still haven’t totally healed the kids didn’t fancy swimming in the sea.
It’s such a shame, we live within a couple of hundred yards of a beautiful beach and calm sea but we don’t want to use it because of these pesky stingers. What we need is to hurry up and win the lottery so that we can have a swimming pool instead.
We were going to go out for the day today but Marisa wasn’t feeling very well so it didn’t happen, instead Ian went into work this morning to put all the machines back together, Carolyn stayed at home cleaning and washing. Hopefully Marisa will be feeling ok tomorrow and we can have a day out then instead.
This evening we took a stroll down to Stilts, had a couple of beers while the kids played, there was a wedding going on which the kids watched, Marisa was impressed by the fact that the Bride and Groom kissed four times after the Groom was told he may kiss the Bride.
After Stilts we came home and had a family night in front of the telly watching Jurassic Park, the kids thought it was great, according to them it was the first time that they had seen it.
The bunnies seem to be doing well, mummy bunny is eating more than us at the moment but when Carolyn had a peep at the nest today she said that they had virtually doubled in size in the last two days.
One of the cats doesn’t seem to be doing so well, Silver is in pain and just curled up on the floor, he doesn’t want any attention and most definitely doesn’t want to be stroked near his back or paws.
We are assuming that he has been clipped by a car, although in this part of Australia they don’t like cats, they think that they kill too much of the local wildlife, something that they would rather do themselves in their 4 and 5 litre Utes (pickup trucks), so someone might have taken a swing for him. He has managed to get up to eat and drink, so we will just have to keep an eye on him and hope he doesn’t need a trip to the vet.
We still haven’t heard from Fliss, we know that she was fit enough to have a party round her house last night because we spoke to someone who was there, we are not impressed.

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