Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Wii

Monday 2nd March 2009
Marisa was not feeling well again this morning, so we stayed in and did a few chores around the house until we could face it no more and went out for a coffee.
We went down to the Nautical Lady on the foreshore for our coffee, we managed to get what we had ordered at the second and third attempt.
The first coffee Carolyn got was in a cup and she had asked for a mug so she sent it back, the first cup that Ian got was a Mug which was what he asked for, but he forgot to ask for a clean mug, so he sent that back.
Carolyns second cup of coffee came in a mug as requested but only had the equivalent of a cupful in it which meant that it was half empty, or half full depending on your perspective of life at the time. Carolyns perspective on life this morning meant that it was half empty, so she sent it back.
Ians second mug of coffee came out and it was very nice, Carolyns third coffee came out in a mug, the mug was full, but it did come with a jug of milk which was odd bearing in mind that she had been waiting for a black coffee, so she sent the milk back.
Marisa, who was still feeling sorry for herself, sat with us while we drank coffee, the boys went and played on the beach.
On the way home from the foreshore we stopped at the CafĂ© to pick up a couple of bits for home and stopped again at Subway for a bit of lunch, this is Australia so it wasn’t going to be straight forward.
Marisa wasn’t in a fit state to eat anything, Ian will only eat one type of bread from Subway, today everyone else who had been to Subway before us had obviously felt the same because they had run out, so Ian had nothing to eat.
Kristian, Fraser and Carolyn did manage to get something to eat, although it has to be said it was Carolyns second choice bread.
When we got home Marisa was feeling really sorry for herself, so while Carolyn and the boys were eating we got her to set up a new Wii console that we had got the kids a while ago but had not got round to opening.
Fraser spent most of the afternoon doing homework that needs to be in tomorrow, but which he had forgotten about, Marisa and Kristian played on the Wii.
Silver the cat is obviously feeling a lot better this afternoon, he had been lying in the same place all morning but this afternoon managed to get up, have a drink and a bite to eat before going out and laying in the shade of a tree in the back garden.
After our evening meal we sat down as a family and watched the old version of Journey to the Centre of the Earth with Pat Boone and James Mason, this is a much better version than the recent one, it goes into a lot more detail even if the special effects are not as good.
Then we had an early night so that we can all be ready for another exciting week ahead.

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