Friday, February 27, 2009

Fraser is a Grandad

Friday 27th February 2009
It was fairly busy at the Café today, there seems to be a lot of tourists about at the moment, presumably making the most of the long weekend and the fact that the weather is supposed to be good for the next couple of days.
Carolyn came in to work after she had done her bit at school helping kids to read, it was just as well she did come in otherwise Ian wouldn’t have been able to finish his Cheesecakes. Ian has been trying to make these homemade Cheesecakes for two days now, the best time for him to do them is in the morning but it is so hard for him to find time to do it. There is loads of time in the afternoon, but by then he has lost the inclination and is looking forward to going home, plus there are fewer staff on in the afternoon so he knows he will get continually interrupted.
Today those Cheesecakes were finished and they are gorgeous, they are made with McVities Digestive Biscuits, not the crap Granita Biscuits that the shop tried to palm us off with, we made two bases for each cake, one for the base and the second to be placed on top making a sandwich effect. He used Fresh Strawberries that were nice and ripe so that the juice would mix into the Philadelphia Cheese and Double Cream, put it all together, whacked it in the fridge for a couple of hours and when it had set, the result was positively delightful, Ian reckons it is probably the best tasting dessert he has ever made, all we have to do now is hope that the customers think the same and it sells well.
When Carolyn and the kids got home from school they got a bit of a surprise, Frasers rabbits had become parents. The kids were over the moon, Carolyn didn’t know exactly what our part in this little episode should be, should we take the boy out in case he kills them and if we did would the mum be so upset that she would kill them, we didn’t have a clue.
In the end, after reading all sorts of tosh on the internet, Carolyn resorted to ringing the vet who gave her all sorts of advice including “if you have any fears, feel free to bring them in” (then we can charge you a fortune), we still don’t really know what we are doing but rabbits have been doing this sort of thing for a few years now so it will probably sort itself out, or not.
The kids went to Freaky Friday this evening, while we went to the Vasse Bar for a Pizza and a couple of glasses of coke followed by the obligatory visit to Gelato for an Ice Cream, Enzo the owner and Father of Elena who used to work for us looked very sad, we think he is missing Elena now that she is at university in Perth.
After picking the kids up from swimming, we went home, the kids finished off the Pizza that Carolyn hadn’t been able to finish, they all had a look at the rabbits who don’t appear to be taking any notice of the babies at the moment and then had an early night.


Elena said...

I'm soo keen to try this fabulous cheesecake!! I'll be coming down next weekend for my birthday so I'll pop in probably :)

and i like how you wrote: "Enzo the owner and Father of Elena"

... not!

Anonymous said...

We always took the "boy" out. And were told not to handle the babies until they were bigger, because the scent of people on them can cause the mother to abandon them (or worse...) which certainly happened at least once.

Just my 5p worth as ever...