Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Weather

Thursday 26th February 2009
Ian got up early to see in a delivery at the Café this morning, when he got up it was pitch black and cold, it was like winter. Depending on which gossip you listen to, we could be in for rain all over the weekend which would be a shame as it’s a long weekend (Labour Day), or by tomorrow afternoon the sun will be shining and the temperature will be in the thirties all weekend.
We can’t influence it whatever happens so we will just have to resort to the most accurate forecast known to man, when we get up in the morning we will open the curtains, check to see if the sun is shining, it’s windy or raining, put all the information that our senses have picked up together, mix it up with a bit of lifes experience and come to a conclusion of what the weather is going to be like for the day and the chances are it will be more accurate than the weatherman.
The delivery driver that Ian was supposed to be meeting had already been and gone, fortunately he left the goods hidden from view but where Ian knew to look.
The Café was quite busy this morning with Ian starting cooking before we were officially open, its pension day on a Thursday so we had all the old girls who love all the banter and flattery that Ian pours over them.
The afternoon at the Cafe was pretty quiet, there weren’t many people at all walking round the centre, perhaps it is going to be a quiet end of the week with everyone getting ready to head out of town for a couple of days.
In the evening we had one of Carolyn’s culinary delights for Dinner, it was a Fish Dish in a Creamy Sauce, served with Corn on the Cob and Mashed Potato, it was lovely.

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Ganeida said...

What is it with English chefs vamping the female patronage? Our English friend who runs a restraunt up near mum's is exactly the same. Nice bloke but he sure knows how to charm the birds & the bees & every female in sight!