Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fraser The Worlds Slowest Typist

Wednesday 25th February 2009
Winter is here, it chucked it down with rain during the early hours of this morning and it has been raining on and off all day.
This time last year we were at Ians sisters house north of Perth, the temperatures were close to forty degrees most days, we hadn’t seen a cloud since we landed let alone had any rain.
It was so warm then that we used to wait until about 7pm before going to the beach to cool down, for fear that we would get burned if we went out earlier.
As we type this it is chucking it down, the forecast is for more overnight and tomorrow and it is freezing out side, the temperature must be a good couple of degrees below twenty and we might have to sleep under the Dooner (Duvet) tonight.
Give it another couple of years out here and we will have acclimatised and have bought a Jumper, in fact if we become citizens we will have to invest heavily in winter coats and fleeces so that we can really look like Aussies as well as be one. I wonder if Vegemite and Hot Water tastes like Bovril? If it does we could make some up and show the locals how to sip and keep their hands warm during these summer hiccups.
(Q) What do you get if you cross a sheep with a Kangaroo.
(A) A Woolly Jumper
It was a quiet day in the Café today, we sold a few of our daily specials and the response has been good, we have done some half size portions as well which should please some of the older clientele.
Carolyn applied for her working with children certificate today, it is a bit like the thorough checks they do on you if you want to do anything to do with other people in the UK nowadays.
So assuming they use the same system, they probably won’t notice that she is a homicidal maniac with a passion for biting children’s heads off, and get the job.
Fraser has been working all evening on his homework, he has got to describe his most painful experience, he was originally going to write about the death of his Granny but we felt that as he is still suffering it might possibly be a bit too traumatic for him and suggested to his teacher that he write about an operation (or procedure as they call it over here).
His teacher obviously had a word with him about it, because when he came home from school he said that he was going to write about the operation.
He spent the first couple of hours writing it up so that he had a draft to work from and then had to type it, which took another couple of hours.
Ian brought home a load of Lasagne from work tonight which pleased the kids no end, Lasagne is one of their favourite dishes.
We had an early night, it would have been earlier but Fraser was chasing a place in the Guinness Book of Records, as the worlds slowest ever typist.


Anonymous said...

You sound like me when we first got out to Brasil - convinced it'd never be cold. Luckily the husband had different ideas and I had some warm clothes.

Ganeida said...

lol. When my poppy first came out from Scotland he couldn't believe how much clothing Aussies wore in winter but by the next winter he was worse than any of them.

And I'm sorry, Fraser, but ths spot for world's slowest typer is taken: Ditz owns it! :)