Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reading Awards

Tuesday 24th February 2009
Carolyn went to school assembly today to see Kristian and Marisa receive awards for their reading efforts during the summer holiday, the awards are handed over by the library as part of a government initiative to get kids reading.
Kristian was the first one called up, he received his award for reading ten books, Marisa was called up last and received a special mention for reading fifty books.
Because Fraser is now in High School and it wasn’t their assembly today, he received his award for reading twenty books in his classroom. Bearing in mind that the standards of education are quite high at Cornerstone, we were quite surprised to see that there were not many kids from the school that took part, our three being approximately a third of those who had.
The Café was fairly busy again today and we managed to get a fair amount of cooking done over and above our orders, as of tomorrow we are going to be doing Daily Specials again, starting with Lasagne and Cottage Pie.
Fraser and Marisa went sailing this evening with the Scouts and had a good time, somehow Marisa managed to be doing the steering for the entire journey, she must have been really smarmy or creepy to have got away with that.
This evening we watched Body of Lies with Leonardo Di Caprio and Russell Crow, it wasn’t a great film and definitely not to Carolyns liking, in fact you could be mistaken for thinking that it was an American propaganda film to try and assure us all that their war on “terrorism” is just. We won’t be buying a copy.

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Ganeida said...

On the whole I don't think reading anything gets a high priority in Oz schools. It frustrates me when it is so simple to get kids to read. Ditz isn't a natural born reader but every week she borrows 10 books from the library & reads the lot. Even my dyslexics, who struggled to read for themselves, loved to be read to. Why bother teaching anyone to read at all if all they ever read is the TAB form & the racing Guide? Congrats on raising readers!