Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Baden Powell

Monday 23rd February 2009
The fact that Ian put all the machines back together over the weekend most definitely helped, but we still didn’t manage to get fully functional before 10am.
Every time we would start to do something we would be interrupted, it started with deliveries but soon went on to customers, where all the customers came from on a Monday morning we don’t know, we aren’t going to knock them, we are glad we got them but they do keep interrupting us, wanting to be served when we are busy, it’s so inconvenient.
They Café was busy today until after lunch which was good, hopefully we can pick up again this week what we have lost over the last two.
We are running with minimal staff at the moment and we all had to be on the ball to keep on top of things today, that was until Carolyn got a call from school asking her to go in at lunchtime to check up on Frasers stings, because he was obviously uncomfortable and they were giving cause for concern.
Before Carolyn left she checked with the Pharmacist to make sure that the treatment she had given Fraser was ok, he said that it was exactly what he would have done.
The problem was that Frasers neck was bright red and the size and shape of a Walrus’ neck when he woke up this morning, he took an antihistamine tablet and coated his neck in Soothe ointment but it was going to take a while to clear up, the stinging was so bad, if it had been a burn it would have been third degree and bless him he doesn’t make a big fuss of it.
This evening Kristian went to Cubs and had a good time, they had a chocolate cake which they had to decorate with the Fleur de Lys, we think it was supposed to be a birthday cake to celebrate Lord Baden Powells’ birthday 200 years ago, but whatever it was they enjoyed eating it.
Tonight we watched Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, obviously we didn’t watch it with them, but it was very, very funny.

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Anonymous said...

Loved that film!
p.s. if you don't want the customers interrupting you, I find locking the door works quite well.