Monday, February 23, 2009


Sunday 22nd February 2009
We didn’t go to the market this morning, we didn’t really need anything and it meant that we could have an extra half an hour in bed before taking the kids to Surf School.
Surf School was a bit of a disaster really, Marisa couldn’t take part because she was poorly, Kristian just wasn’t up for it, his efforts were worse today than on the first day when he didn’t have a clue what he was doing. Fraser had the worst time, he was taking part and plodding along in his own Fraser way when he swam into a herd of Stingers, he got stung umpteen times on his chin and neck and was quite distressed.
The whole area round by the Jetty was swarming with Stingers today and there weren’t many kids who didn’t get stung, it must be a nightmare for the organisers because they haven’t got a chance of getting the best out of the kids when they are more worried about getting stung than they are about taking part.
We had our obligatory Sausage Sizzle after Surf School, then had a lazy afternoon at home, Carolyn and the kids watched a film while Ian put his feet up under the patio.
For those of you in England, a Patio over here is the shelter that goes over the hard base protecting us from the sun not the base itself. So no need to worry, Carolyn hasn’t buried him under the patio just yet, she will probably wait until we at least get our residency.
In the evening, Ian did some work on the computer putting together a new menu and specials list while Carolyn was organising the kids for bed and school tomorrow.
Once the kids were in bed we watched the film The Brave One with Jodie Foster, it was quite good, a bit slow at the beginning, a bit predictable and smaltzy at the end, but good for the rest, which was most of it.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the ill/stung ones are feeling much better now, and that you can keep yourself from burying Ian under the patio for at least a few more months.