Thursday, March 19, 2009

No BBQ Today

Saturday 14th March 2009
It was a fairly busy day in the Café today although we coped quite admirably, the worst part though is that it is the end of a long tiring week and after we close we have got between two and three hours cleaning to do when we should really be unwinding.
By the time we finish work on a Saturday, usually after 4pm we are not in the mood to do anything that involves effort so all the good intentions of slaving over a BBQ this evening went straight out of the window and we went down to Stilts for a couple of beers instead.
We aren’t really alcoholics, it’s just that it gives us a good excuse to take a nice relaxing walk along the beach and it usually works, we are virtually stress free by the time we get there.
We had a couple of beers and then went to the Food Hall at Broadwater Resort where we bought a Chinese take away, that kept the kids happy, they do like their Chinese food.
Ian was so tired after the long week he didn’t even bother eating, he went to bed and left the rest eating.


Ganeida said...

Ditz & I like oure Chines but I uppset Ditz because I can use chopsticks & she can't. She's not the most co~ordinated child I own.

The HoJo's said...

We have forced the kids to learn to use the chopsticks, such fun, when they get too hungry I let them have a fork :o)