Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Menu

Friday 13th March 2009
Business picked up again today in the Café, it is still mainly tourists although quite a few of the regular oldies came out to play as well.
This evening the kids went to Freaky Friday while we went to the Foreshore and had a coffee on the veranda of the Goose restaurant, overlooking the Jetty.
It was a lovely evening, really warm and not much wind. We ordered coffee and expected to be offered a menu, we only wanted a bowl of wedges or something to nibble while we had our coffee, but twenty minutes later our coffee turned up and there was no sign of the waitress offering us a menu.
It might seem strange to some people, but we will not chase staff so that we can have the pleasure of spending money in their business, especially not on the first visit which this was, instead we prefer to sit back and see what they can offer and how good they are.
The coffee was good, the time it took to get it was not, if it takes that long when it is quiet it is probably not worth ordering if the place is busy, although we did notice that those drinking alcohol were served very quickly, that is obviously where we went wrong.
As for going back there we probably will, it was comfortable and in a great position, so the chances of us going back for a coffee or a beer are pretty good, unfortunately because we didn’t see the menu we don’t know if we’ll go there to eat.
It’s funny how something like that can influence a customers experience and affect their overall enjoyment of their visit to your business, we try to hammer this home to our staff all the time, the customer needs to know as much as possible about our business so they can feel like they are part of it and make informed decisions when purchasing.
Give them their due, we feel that we can say quite honestly that our staff are definitely amongst the best in Busselton, but we do have to push and cajole them from time to time, otherwise they will fall back into that Busselton chilled out attitude.
After the kids went to bed we watched the third Bruce Willis film, The Fifth Element which is one of his best.


Ganeida said...

I really like strolling through the Sunshine Coast towns. Lots of outside cafe style eateries & so much competition nearly everyone posts their menu so it can be browsed by passerbys ~ though not everyone posts their prices. That annoys me but I figure if there's no price I can't afford to eat there. Even if I don't want to eat I enjoy seeing what people offer & I think it makes good business sense. People will often decide to eat later & go back to where they saw a good menu. And this from someone whose not much of a foodie. :)

The HoJo's said...

All of our mediterranean holidays were made more fun by spending hours reading the menus outside cafes, comparing, forgetting which was cheaper/had the high chairs, clean loos, ah those were the days! LOL