Friday, March 20, 2009

BBQ Today Instead

Sunday 15th March 2009
We had a very relaxing start to the day, not doing much at all really until we decided to go to the foreshore for a coffee.
While we sat and chatted while drinking our coffee, Marisa rolled around on her Wiggle Board (two wheeled skateboard) (also known as a Rip Stick), the boys played on the beach.
We dropped the kids off at Gelato for an ice cream while we went to the Café to rebuild all the machines ready for Monday morning, it makes such a difference to Ians day and only took about an hour between us.
Ian has been telling the kids about the sort of films he used to watch when he was a kid and their place in history, they have watched a couple of the old war films and enjoyed those and now have an idea of what war is about.
They told him they wanted to watch one with knights in shining armour, so when we were at the video store he saw one called Camelot, was convinced that it was one of his favourites when he was a kid and bought it. This afternoon we sat down together to watch it.
It was not the one he was thinking of, this one starred Richard Harris and started off in almost a Shakespearian manner, then he started to sing and Ian knew that he had got it wrong.
We did manage to watch it all, or most of us did for most of the time anyway, but this film was made when feature films lasted a tad longer than an hour and a half.
We think it lasted the best part of four hours, or if it didn’t it felt like it, it even had an intermission after the first couple of hours.
It was just getting to the point where we thought we might have to finish it another day because we still had to cook dinner when it finished, it was a good film but definitely one for the enthusiast.
Ian fired up the BBQ while Carolyn knocked up a salad and we had the best Rump Steaks we had ever eaten, of all the Rump Steaks we sold at the pub back in the UK, we could never imagine selling ones this tender. We don’t know how they get them this tender and tasty but as long as they do the vegetables are safe.
After the kids went to bed we watched Death Race with Jason Statham and Ian McShane (Lovejoy), it wasn’t bad but not likely to be on our buying list when it comes up for sale.


Ganeida said...

I know this *Camelot*. Long. Very long.

The HoJo's said...

I have made sure it stays hidden at the back of a cupboard for a long time, yawn.....