Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Bad Hair Day

Monday 16th March 2009
It was very quiet in the Café today, the weather is very humid, so whether that has sent them all down the beach and kept them out of the shops, who knows.
Carolyn got a call from school at lunchtime asking her to pick up Kristian as he was a bit under the weather, she took him home and started to cut his hair, after all what else would you do with a poorly child.
You may or may not remember, but a little while ago Carolyn attempted to cut Marisas hair, the measuring thing that goes over the clipper blade fell off and Marisa had a bald patch.
You guessed it, Carolyn was using that very same pair of clippers and they did the same thing again, the only difference was, this time it was Kristian that had the bald patch.
Carolyn went to the shops to get another pair of clippers and this evening with her holding the clippers and Ian holding a comb against Kristians head so that she had a straight line to work to, Kristian finally got his haircut finished.
Kristian is now a skinhead with a ponytail and looks quite cute when he smiles.

One of the girls who used to work for the previous owners of the Café tried to get some Gas Chargers (Soda Syphon Sparklet Bulbs) from one of our suppliers and wanted to put them on our account, it is not the sort of thing that we would normally buy from this supplier so they rang us to confirm that it was a genuine order.
This same girl had done exactly the same thing to the previous Café owners who had told us about it, so we told the supplier to contact the police so that they could arrest her when she came to get the gas.
They rang the police who told them not to let her have them and that they would look into it, when the girl tuned up they refused to let her have them, took down car reg details descriptions etc and passed it all on to the police.
We needless to say were not happy with the situation and bearing in mind this is not the first time she has done it, decided to report it as a crime in an effort to make sure something got done about it.
So after Ian finished work he went to the police station, silly thing to do really, Busselton police station is only open office hours so he will have to try again tomorrow.
After the kids went to bed we watched the film Casino with Robert De Nero, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci, now this is a great film if you can put up with a bit of bad language and violence.
Not for the squeamish but well worth watching.


Pete Masters said...

Hi HoJos, how are you? This might be a bit random... My name is Pete and I work for medecins Sans Frontieres in the UK. I found you guys while looking for mothers that blog to help us with a Mother's Day project highlighting the plight of Congolese mothers living through the war... I am basically trying to get as many mother bloggers to post about these Congolese mothers on Sunday or in the following week, to try and bring some attention to the situation they are in. I am leaving a comment because I couldn't find an email for you...

If you think you would be interested, my email is pete.masters at - I would love to give you more details...

Also, are you guys from Axbridge in Somerset originally??



Web Editor

Marcus said...

I guess you know that these gas siphons are used by kids to get high. Not quite sure how it works, some sort of inhaling I guess.

Libby said...

lol what a day huh!

Elena said...

are you serious?? i wonder if my suspicions are correct? that's unbelievable hey :s some people..
ps. im sure kristian would look cute even if he DIDNT smile =]
hope all is good x

The HoJo's said...

Marcus, yes we found that out, bye bye brain cells I imagine :o(

LobStar, all in a days work ;o)

Elena, I think you are probably guessing right, she used her REAL name twit, and yes, hugely cute at all times