Sunday, March 22, 2009

Condition Critical, Eastern Congo

Happy Mothers Day.

Did you send flowers? chocolates? This year Mothers Day is tough for me, and quite a few other days have been tough too. I would have loved to have phoned my Mother up for a chat but they don't have phones where she has gone. I don't, however, have it as tough as the women of Eastern Congo.

A chap from Medicines Sans Frontieres contacted me and asked for my suppost this Mothers Day and the following week. Please post about their plight, please help to make people aware of how hard it is for Women in the Eastern Congo.

Here you can read some of the Testimonials, this tugs at me, makes me glad it isn't my Kristian.

Have a look, share with everyone you know, my little blog can't reach many people, but some of you have a bigger audience than I, go reach out for them.

These blog posts are well worth a read, if you are inclined there is a way to post up a video of support, letting the Women of Eastern Congo know what you would wish for them, I think it wouldn't be life in a war torn country where unmentionable things happen in short lives, every day.

And, again, Happy Mothers Day. Treasure them please.



Pete Masters said...

Thanks for the post and the support. Really appreciated!

Pete (the chap from MSF)

The HoJo's said...

Welcome, it has had quite a few looks so far


Pete Masters said...

Great news, thanks again...