Monday, March 23, 2009

Merchant, Busselton is Dire

Tuesday 17th March 2009
It rained this morning, it was just like the rain we had last year a little bit later than this, but signalled the start of winter and seven months of rain and little old ladies coming into the Café and telling Ian how much we need this rain, when in fact it wasn’t us that needed it, it was the rest of the country, only the government is too tight to part with the cash to lay a pipe from here where all the water is, to out there where all the water needs to be.
It was quiet in the Café again today so we left the staff to it for an hour or so and had a little walk round town before stopping for coffee and a sandwich at the Merchant Tea and Coffee House.
What a mistake, we ordered a Mug of Black Coffee and a Mug of Flat White (white coffee), we got a Cup of Black Coffee which we sent back and a Mug of Flat White that was served in a mug which was coated all down the outside with coffee stains, we then got a Mug of Black Coffee.
The Coffee was rank (rubbish), probably the worst coffee in town.

When we ordered our coffee, we also ordered two Bacon Sandwiches, it went like this “could we also have Two Bacon sandwiches, just Bread, Butter and Bacon, Not Toasted and no Sauce, thank you”.
We received each: Two Poached Eggs on Two Slices of unbuttered Bread, we sent it back.
After a few minutes the cook came out and said “let me get this right, you want Two Egg and Bacon Sandwiches” to which we replied, no, “we want Two Bacon sandwiches, just Bread, Butter and Bacon, Not Toasted and no Sauce”.
After a few minutes our order came out and it was correct, the bread was a bit manky, but the Bacon was very nice and plenty of it, we probably won’t be going back too often, but we said that last time and if you want somewhere that also has toilet facilities then there is not a lot to choose from in Busselton.
Ian went to the police station to make a complaint about the girl that tried to get gas charged to our account yesterday, the desk officer made some notes on the back of a scrap of paper, said it’s not the first complaint and said he will get back to us.
Carolyn is officially not going grey, or so her hairdresser who was about to be paid a fortune said, the same hairdresser also said that if Ian went in to get his hair cut she would say the same about his as well.
I wish it to be known that the haircut did not cost a fortune and she looked very honest when she said there was no grey. After all, if she said there was grey there she would have been getting the foils out to cover it up in a flash, for more money. If she had said that about Ian she would be wearing Pinocchio’s nose on her face :p~~~ xc


Ganeida said...

Funny thing about that rain. We seem to have plenty of it too. Where's that pipe need to go?

The HoJo's said...

to a reservoir? I mean, just a suggestion :o)

Ganeida said...

Oh my! What an intelligent thought. Wonder why no~one in govt., has ever thought of it!