Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lukery Loverboy To The Slaughter

Friday 20th March 2009
Fliss worked her last day today before taking her lover Lukery Loverboy back to Queensland to meet her mum Ma Norman, Ian thinks that she is looking for mums approval really before she marries him, gets up the duff and pumps out a herd of kids.
It was quiet again at the Café today, yesterday was obviously only a glitch, or the day when most of the population got their $900 that the government has so kindly seen fit to give them so that the economy will continue to tick over, at least until the recession is over for everyone else, then we can have our own one because the government has given away more than it needed to and will be heavily in debt.
What the country needs is a Churchill type figurehead to pick the country up, not some Muppet who is going to give the nations riches away so that everyone has enough money to buy a new telly.
Marisa went of to Cub/Scout camp this afternoon, she has gone to somewhere up near Perth, we can expect a peaceful weekend at home.
The boys went to Freaky Friday this evening, we were going to go to the Goose again and we were going to ask for a menu this time, unfortunately when we got there it was closed for a private function so we went to the Vasse instead.
After a shared Pizza at the Vasse, we went to Gelato for Ice Cream and Coffee before going to pick the boys up and taking them home.

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Ganeida said...

Churchill didn't do so well in peacetime. You guys promptly voted him out of government again. lol