Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As Cheeky As You Can't

Thursday 19th March 2009
It was heaving in the Café today, it started off really quiet for the first couple of hours and then the rush started. The rush finished just before 3pm which is when we are reduced to one member of staff, we would normally have had most of the Café cleaned by 3pm but today we hadn’t even stated on it.
At 3pm it was just Ian and Jessica in the Café so they started clearing up, Ian had just finished sweeping the floor and was starting to mop it when the flood gates opened again and virtually every table and chair was in use again.
That rush lasted until just before 5pm when Ian started to sweep and mop again while Jessica tidied up the kitchen, they managed to finish at 6pm, the latest we have finished in months.
Just as we were closing the Café this evening, a young lady came to the counter looking for food and a cup of coffee.
Not unusual you might think, what was different about this particular case was that she didn’t want to pay for it, she wanted us to donate it you might say. Obviously Ian looks like the benevolent type.
It turns out that this young lady and two blokes left Brisbane on September the 21st, UN World Peace Day, wearing nothing but Black Dustbin Liners and with the intention of travelling all the way round Australia without spending a single cent.
The idea is that they will live on donations, work for goods to keep their dream alive and any money that they do receive, they will donate to Book Aid a child literacy charity.
When the arrive back in Brisbane they will either give back or auction everything that they have been given along the route, the proceeds of which will go to Book Aid and they will be left standing in Brisbane with nothing other than a Black Dustbin liner, exactly as they started.
Of course they will have a lot of memories and plenty of ammunition for a good book, possibly even a film deal, and Book Aid will also benefit from the fund raising on the trip.
Good luck to them, we would never in a month of Sundays have thought of doing something like that, and yes Ian did give them some Coffee and Muffins, although he thinks they must have had a bit of a fall out because they didn’t want a Coffee for the one that was uploading their blog.
If you want to find out about them and what they are doing, just google As Cheeky As You Cant and see for yourself.

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Ganeida said...

Book Aid is a great charity. They even help out us homeschoolers in the States with curriculum needs but they supply books everywhere. There's a site you can go click & for every click someone somewhere donates a percentage of their money ~ or something. I never went into all the fine details, I just went & clicked but sadly I've lost the link. I'm not into dustbin liners as clothing articles though. Mighty cold & uncomfortable I would think.