Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Designated Driver

Saturday 21st March 2009
It was quiet at the Café today, so quiet in fact that we switched all of the cooking equipment off at 1.30pm and started our weekly dismantle and clean.
Fraser and Kristian came into work with Carolyn this morning, Kristian played quietly with his toys, Fraser spent a couple of hours reading in the Library before going with another Scouts Mum to Dunsborough to help set up a hall for a concert tonight, they have also got to dismantle it all again tomorrow morning. It is all part of the Scouts raising money for their Jamboree next year, the money they earn goes towards paying for their trip.
In the evening one of our Saturday girls came round to babysit for us while we went for drinks round a friends house, Ian had the pleasure of being Des (designated driver) as their house is a fair distance away and apart from not having much faith in the local taxi service arriving on time, we had to be home by 11.30pm to let the babysitter go home and also one of us had to be sober enough on Sunday morning to drive to Dunsborough to help with clearing the concert hall.
The friends we went to see are Anne and Graham, they have a lovely house with canal frontage in Port Geographe. They had also invited round a couple of friends of theirs called David and Sharon.
We had a really good evening, starting off with Champagne on the patio for all but Ian who had a beer and made it last for two hours. It then got a bit chilly as the wind picked up so we went indoors where everyone apart from Ian went on to normal wine, we had a few nibbles that Anne and Graham had prepared for us and just sat round a table chatting.
After about three hours chatting and drinking wine, by this time Ian had gone on to the Pepsi, we went upstairs to the games room where there was a bar and a pool table.
The women sat at the bar drinking while the blokes played pool, Ian being the only sober one playing, managed to win every game bar one.
We got home at exactly 11.30pm to let the babysitter go, Carolyn who had drunk about a bottle of wine, went to bed, while Ian who was wide awake after drinking Pepsi all night, had to have a couple of beers and a snigger at Man Utd getting turned over by Fulham (real football, not AFL) before going to bed.

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Ganeida said...

We actually follow the real football & know who you're talking about! :D We have an Arsenal fan, a Chelsea fan, a Leeds fan & a sometime Newcastle supporter but no Man U fans here either.