Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frozen Cake

Sunday 22nd March 2009
We got up early this morning, we didn’t feel like getting up early this morning, in fact we could have quite happily stayed in bed until about 10am, but we had to get to Dunsborough by 9.30am.
The boys were already up, so it was just a matter of getting them to get dressed and ready to go out, for us we stayed in bed until the last possible moment and arrived in Dunsborough at exactly 9.30am.
When we arrived, the other Scout helpers were all standing outside the hall, for a minute we thought that they had changed the time, got there early and had already finished.
As it turned out, the people who had hired the Scouts to do the setting up and the clear up after, were not sure whether the Scouts would be able to do it in time, so they called in some people from the Church group who were due to use the hall this morning and cleared it all away before any of us got there. We were not impressed with having got out of bed for nothing, but as the Scouts will still get paid for it we will have to grin and bear it.
So having worked up an appetite doing nothing more strenuous than getting out of bed we decided to go out for Breakfast, so we went into Dunsborough and had Breakfast at a Café called Artizen, not the cheapest breakfast in town but it was good and the place was heaving. Saying that, in Dunsborough this morning all the eateries were heaving, we’ll have to try a different one next time.
After Breakfast we drove along Caves Road which is to all intents and purposes, the Coast Road and ended up in Augusta.
We drove through Augusta to the Lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin and went in for a guided tour, it was really interesting.
Cape Leeuwin is the most South Westerly point of Australia, on one side of this little outcrop of land that the Lighthouse was built on is the Southern Ocean, on the other is the Indian Ocean and they don’t look like they like each other, it is all a bit fierce.
After our guided tour which took us to the top of the Lighthouse and out on to the balcony just below the light, we went into the Café for a drink and a bit of cake.
That was a mistake, Ian had a pot of tea for one and assumed that he would get a pot of tea with enough for more than one cup. As it turned out, he did get a pot with enough room for more than cup, it’s just that it only had one cups worth of water in it and the Passion fruit and Macadamia Cheesecake was still frozen.
Carolyn had a massive slab of frozen Chocolate Cake with bits of Honeycomb on the top, accompanied by the smallest squirt of cream that was so small she thought that it was just part of the Doyley at first.
The Slab of Chocolate Cake and the Cheesecake were not the sort that should have been served frozen.
It took us about an hour to drive back from there, when we got home the boys had a shower before we all sat down to watch Ghostbusters while waiting for Marisa to come home from camp.
Marisa had a great time at camp and has got a few more admirers from the Scout fraternity, she came home with the phone number and directions to one of their houses, and nits.
We had Fish and Chips for Tea before sending the kids to bed and watching the film Cobra with Sylvester Stallone, it was the first out of a cheap pack of Stallone movies and the only one we hadn’t seen before, what a pile of Crud, it’s a wonder he ever got another job after that one.

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