Monday, February 16, 2009

Work on a Sunday

Sunday 15th February 2009
We woke up fairly early this morning considering we didn’t need to as the Surf School is in Hamelin Bay for the weekend and we didn’t go down there, we all had breakfast for a change and went out to the market.
The kids went and played on the beach while we walked round the market, it was a bit disappointing this week, there wasn’t as great a variety of things for sale as there has been in recent weeks, the weather is good and there were plenty of people about so perhaps it is the ending of a season or something and in a couple of weeks they will all come out for the new season, we shall wait and see.
After the market Carolyn dropped Ian off at the Café so that he could put all the machines back together ready for tomorrow morning. It does make Mondays more bearable, but it takes up about an hour and a half of our only day off.
While Ian was working, the Fraser and Marisa went on the waterslide and Kristian went on Jungle Bungle at the Nautical lady on the foreshore, Carolyn got herself a magazine and a cup of coffee and relaxed in the shade.
After Ian finished work we had a coffee together and a wander round the Jetty shop just to see if they had anything new in, needless to say they didn’t, they just had less of everything than normal as they run stocks down for the end of the season.
In the afternoon it was Carolyns turn to work, the boys went to the beach to play while Ian and Marisa went for a bike ride, Carolyn stayed at home doing the washing and ironing.
In the evening we had spit roasted Lemon Chicken and Salad, the kids had an early night ready for school and we watched a film called Eagle Eye, it wasn’t bad but after the first third you knew what was going to happen, we won’t be buying a copy.

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Anonymous said...

I fell asleep in the middle of that one. An curious to know what happens in the end, but not curious enough to bother watching it again.