Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warm Ice Cream

Monday 16th February 2009
It was a fairly easy start at the Café this morning, all the hard work yesterday seemed to be have done the trick and everything was falling into place.
Did you notice I used the was word in that last sentence, that’s because it was falling into place, until the bloody Ice Cream Machine decided that it wasn’t going to make Ice Cream any more.
It was however going to cover Ian in Ice Cream mix when he tried to pour some Ice Cream into a cup to make a milkshake, there he was walking up to the machine, picks up a milkshake mixing cup, places it under the Ice Cream nozzle, he’s done this hundreds of times now, pull the handle down, hold for two seconds, the perfect amount of Ice Cream in the cup ready to make a shake.
Wrong, he placed the mixing cup under the Ice Cream nozzle, pulls on the handle and gets covered by a jet of Ice Cream mix that has not whipped up for some reason and has been sitting in the machine under pressure just waiting for some poor unsuspecting soul to release it.
Ice Cream mix is probably the stickiest stuff known to man and when it flies out of a machine in your direction at about 300 mph (480 kph) you don’t have time to get out of the way, and so it was that Ian got covered in the stuff.
After several calls to the supplier where they assured us it must be something that we had done that has caused the machine to behave like this, it would appear that the problem lies with the compressor not working which means that the refrigeration part of it isn’t working and surprise, surprise, warm Ice Cream doesn’t work.
The company was supposed ring Ian this afternoon to go through their checklist just to make sure it is not something totally obvious that is causing it, they didn’t call so Ian ended up staying late at work cleaning the machine out, not knowing what they are going to want to do to check it out.
This evening Kristian went to Cubs, he has joined the same Troop that Fraser and Marisa go to for Scouts. There were only three kids and two adults present so you have to wonder how long they will run it for, but Kristian had a good time playing games on the beach.
After the kids went to bed we watched the film Hackers, in which a very young and not quite so voluptuous Angelina Jolie is one of the Super Hackers who save the world despite being totally misunderstood by the authorities who have jumped to the conclusion that they are Cyber Terrorists.
This film is so old that Cyber probably didn’t exist then, but it was a good film first time round and not bad second time if a little dated.


Ganeida said...

Hackers is pretty good & warm ice~cream is gross. Ian'll just have to learn to move faster if he will play with inanimate objects that are notorious for their unreliability.

The HoJo's said...

I think it is a man thing :o)