Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Loose Wire

Tuesday 17th February 2009
Ian went into work this morning dreading the crap that he was going to have to listen to from the Ice Cream machine company, this company may or may not be good and we’re sure the head of sales thinks they are perfect, but no matter which way you look at it the machine is not working and Ian was not in the mood to listen to waffle.
Well, Ian didn’t have to listen to any waffle because they didn’t ring him, they were supposed to ring yesterday but didn’t, the courteous thing to do would have been for them to phone him first thing in the morning, but they didn’t.
Ian finished all his morning bits and then, in a mood to take no prisoners, gave them a call. He got through to the Boss without any fuss and after about 20 minutes of telling him that it wasn’t working and switching the machine on and off, he asked Ian to call in a refrigeration engineer, with the strict instruction that the engineer phone him before starting work so that he could tell him what to do.
Ian called the local refrigeration people who we have used in the past and they had someone out in less than an hour, the engineer checked over all the bits that might cause the problem according to the supplier and then found a loose wire, he reconnected the wire and it was working again.
It was a bit too late to fire it up for use today, but it is all cleaned and ready to go in to service again tomorrow, just by coincidence we did a load more Ice Coffees and Milkshakes than normal which meant we had to go back to the old way of making them with scoop Ice Cream, it is amazing how time consuming it is.
In between coming into work and running the kids round, Carolyn spent the day doing the usual stuff, get the kids up, fed and dressed, get them to school, pay the bills, ring builders, pick up the kids, feed them, take two of them to Scouts, feed Hubby (with food that Hubby had prepared earlier it has to be said), sort out some stuff to try and improve Kristians handwriting, pick up the Scouts, bring them home and put them to bed.
After the kids went to bed, we did a bit of paperwork for the Café and had an early night.


Elena said...

my god the ice cream story must have been SO frustrating!! unreliable crap... and people...

The HoJo's said...

hello...... :o)