Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

Saturday 14th February 2009
Today is Valentines Day, Carolyn had let Fliss know that she didn’t want any jewellery from Ian, Fliss who is a master of not keeping secrets, told Ian.
Ian did leave a card on Carolyns pillow with what is most probably the unluckiest lottery ticket in it, because he couldn’t think of anything else to buy her, he always buys flowers anyway so they didn’t count.
This year was going to be an exception, when working out where he was going to get the flowers from he hadn’t taken into account that he was now in Busselton.
We have a supermarket right opposite the Café and it is safe to assume that there will be blokes running around like headless chickens on Valentines Day desperately looking for flowers, therefore the supermarket is bound to have a fresh delivery of flowers on Valentines Day.
Wrong, if Valentines Day had been on Tuesday instead of Saturday it would have worked out brilliantly because they have a delivery on Tuesdays, as it was today is Saturday and there was no delivery.
Still, not a drama, Ian would have got a lot more flowers for his money from the supermarket, but there are a couple of florists down the road so he can pay over the top and get them from there.
Wrong, Florists in Busselton don’t have deliveries on Saturdays and all they had left, this is both florists mind, were Red Roses which Ian hates because everybody does it and they look naff within a day, or Chrysanthemums which Carolyn hates with a vengeance and would see it as an act of war if he bought them for her, this is the first time in 18 years that he hasn’t bought her flowers on Valentines Day and he is not happy about it.
That’s another thing that nobody told us about when we were thinking of moving out here and something you might have to take into consideration if you are thinking about moving to Australia and WA in particular, like the Beds, the Furniture, the everything really, but specially the flowers, book them at least 8 weeks in advance to stand some sort of chance of them being there when you want them.
This sort of everyday occurrence is quite as frustrating as it sounds, it just feels like it.

It was a pretty quiet day at the Café today, we had a feeling it might be after the Coles Supermarket fund raising effort yesterday, after all it stood to reason that if you came out for your weekly shopping yesterday you were not likely to be back today.
Just out of interest, the Coles store opposite us was apparently the second highest earner in WA yesterday, which is quite impressive, apparently they beat all previous one day records for Busselton including Christmas.
Carolyn took the kids to a Free Funfair at the Baptist Church this morning, they all had a good time there apart from the sausage sizzle which was not the best, but what would you expect for a dollar. They managed to spend nearly three hours there, they went on most of the rides, played Table Tennis and made there own bit of pavement art with chalk.
Carolyn who entered the over 13 pavement art competition is quite upset that she hasn’t received a phone call letting her know that she has won, they probably tapped in the wrong number.
After work we went to Stilts for a romantic couple of beers with the kids, we didn’t stay long and were home by about 7.30pm.
When we got home, we had a bite to eat and an early night.

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