Friday, February 13, 2009

$132 Raised

Friday 13th February 2009
This morning the children went into school with $5 notes. If enough people brought notes in they were hoping to cover the basketball court and raise up to $3000 for the Bushfire Appeal.
Today at the Café we did our bit for the Bushfire Appeal, for every Coffee we sold, we donated 50 cents to the Red Cross appeal. At the end of the day when we counted up the dockets, we found that we had sold 160 coffees, we will therefore be donating $80.
On top of the $80 there was $52 that had been dropped into a collection box that the staff had put on the counter after customers tried to give them money to put to the appeal. On Monday we will deposit $132 into the account, nothing compared to the $83Million that has already been raised but a fair donation all the same.
The Café, while busier than the average Friday, was not as busy as we expected. The centre was very busy with people going into Coles to do their shopping, and looking at the amount of goods that were coming out in the trolleys the people of Busselton were definitely going to make the supermarket chain pay for their kind gesture.
It sounds like the school very nearly covered the basketball court in money, lots of little ones brought in the contents of their money boxes and covered a section in coins and the rest in notes. The court was either ¾ full or 9/10 full depending on which of the older two we asked. We shall wait and see then.
This evening the kids went to Freaky Friday while we did very little and when we picked them up we came home and had an early night.


Ganeida said...

That's a good effort. Liddy's work has a container at each check out but we're trying to remember our flood victims as well. Flood or fire, take your pick but I'd rather deal with water.

Anonymous said...

That seems to me to be quite a few coffees sold. Are we going to be in for a shock when we properly get started?