Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfire Appeal

Thursday 12th February 2009
Kristian had his school Beach Festival today, there were lots of races and things going, but unfortunately Kristian doesn’t really do sporty things so managed to avoid most of the energetic part. He did manage to build a sandcastle for which he got a special mention and a lolly, he was helped a bit by his mum but he accepted the lolly gracefully.
Carolyn was there watching the events but only on the condition that she heads for work if we got busy, it didn’t so she was able to stay there and chat with the other mums until it was over.
The Café was pretty quiet today, in fact the whole centre was pretty quiet. Tomorrow, Coles supermarket are having a fund raising day for the victims of the Bushfires in Victoria, they are going to donate their profit for the day to the Red Cross Appeal.
Ian was talking to the Coles manager this morning and he reckons they are going to get mobbed tomorrow, he said that since Coles had announced that all of their stores will be donating Fridays profit to the appeal, the trade has all but dried up, they have come to the conclusion that their regular shoppers are waiting until Friday so that they can do their bit without it costing them any more.
We are going to donate 50 Cents for every cup of coffee we sell tomorrow, hopefully it will cost us a few Dollars by the end of the day.
The Bakers Delight Chain are also doing their bit for the appeal, we have one right opposite us in the centre, they are going to donate 50 Cents for virtually every loaf sold over the next week.
Bearing in mind the appeal has only been going for a few days the money raised so far is astronomical, the figure as of this morning was in excess of $50 Million, with these big companies and many more just starting to do their fund raising the eventual total is going to be massive.
This evening the kids did their homework early, that is apart from Marisa who managed to leave her homework at school, she is going to have to go into school early tomorrow so that she can do her homework before school starts.
After the kids went to bed, we watched Lethal Weapon 4, we can now put the set back in the cupboard for six months until we decide we want to watch them again.

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