Thursday, February 12, 2009

School Rules

Wednesday 11th February 2009
Fliss was much chirpier today, she was a lot more chatty and had got her sense of humour back. The same could not be said for Carolyn though, when she turned up for work she looked like she was struggling and by lunchtime she had to go home, we think she is just exhausted, so hopefully the rest this afternoon will have done her good.
Fortunately the Café was not over busy and the rest of us managed to cope without her, Ian went to pick the kids up from school at 3pm and left Fliss and Michelle to it and they coped admirably (it was as dead as a Dodo). Ian took the kids back to the Café for their evening meal, which they ate while we were closing up.
The weather today has been fairly close to 40 Degrees C and by the time Ian and the kids got home from the Café a swim would have been most welcome, unfortunately the kids had homework to do and we still haven’t got round to getting a Pool put in the back garden so it wasn’t to be.
This evening, Carolyn went into School to listen to the kids teachers explaining to all those who were interested, what they were going to be doing over the next year.
She found the evening quite useful and informative apart from the last bit, the teacher was basically going through the school Handbook which explains what is and isn’t allowed, Carolyn had read this Handbook from cover to cover so didn’t really learn a lot from it, apart from, that some of the other parents hadn’t.
We had an early night.

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