Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sign Up For A Traineeship

Tuesday 10th February 2009
Fliss came back into work after her extended weekend off, she was very quiet.
This afternoon we had the guy from the Apprentice and Trainee centre come to the Café to sign up Michelle and Fliss for Traineeships, we feel that as long term staff they should be a bit more aware of how the business is run, why it is run the way it is, why we are always pushing for the highest standards and how they can achieve and maintain the highest standards in their own work so that they can take pride in their work.
Fliss wanted to get off early, so she saw the training guy first, you could see from her reactions that while this was something she had definitely wanted to do in the past, she was now having second thoughts.
In the end, she signed up for it but was allowed a 3 – 4 week period to think about it.
Michelle on the other hand is totally for it, apart from gaining the experience and knowledge that the course will provide, if she finishes it successfully she will have earned a Nationally recognised Qualification that will hold her in good stead for a future in the Hospitality industry.
This evening Fraser and Marisa went to Scouts, Marisa with her arm in a sling, was told to be careful and as they were going to play with water tonight, not to get her trainers wet. Apparently while Marisa was quite innocently sitting down minding her own business, one of the others took it upon themselves to pour a bucket of water over her.
It’s amazing how these things happen to Marisa, when Fraser was asked why his shoes weren’t wet, he replied “I took them off” what a sensible lad.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being fully caught up!
That training sounds like a really good idea. I wonder if they do something similar here. I know a number of people who would benefit...

The HoJo's said...

Thank you ;o)
Do you have Business Link near you? they put us in touch with a group which ran similar courses where you train in house, not at college. Can't think what it is called in the UK :o)