Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mr Holt Press

Friday 16th January 2009
It was a Quiet day at the Café today.

One our fellow bloggers, Marcus from Holt Press is a bit of a budding artist, today he brought some of his work into the Café for us to hang on the wall for all to see and hopefully sell some of it for him. He has been threatening to bring it in for ages but had never got round to it, after we closed the Café it took us about an hour to reorganise all of our existing paintings so that we could fit Marcus’ work in, they take up two sections of the wall and look pretty good.
The kids went to Freaky Friday tonight, there weren’t many other kids there but they enjoyed themselves just the same.

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Marcus said...

Thanks for the plug, both of them in fact!
I met a lady at a garage sale on Sat morning and the subject of art came up. She asked if I had any of mine on display anywhere and when I mentioned the Old Chapel Cafe she said, "You mean the colourful ones?" They have been noticed!