Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thursday 15th January 2009
The Café was a bit busier today which was good.

This afternoon Kristian went round to one of his old school mates houses to play, he has been really looking forward to it and had a great time.
About a year ago, Carolyns mum taught Marisa how to Crochet and she did loads of it at the time, however we have been here almost a year now and there have been a lot of other things for the kids to concentrate on and get used to, hence Marisa has forgotten how to do it and is in the mood to take it up again.
The other day, Carolyn went into the wool shop to ask if there was an idiot proof book or something that Marisa could use, just to get back in the swing of it again, they didn’t have any but the woman said that if Marisa wanted to come into the shop one day, she would show her. Well today was the day and Marisa was there for ages, we think the woman enjoyed teaching her as much as Marisa enjoyed being taught and when Marisa came back she was extremely happy that she could Crochet again.
Fraser is in need of sandals, the ones he has at the moment are most definitely too small for him, so we sent him round every shoe shop and department store in Busselton in search of a pair of sandals.
It is the middle of the summer here, Busselton is a tourist resort with lots of visitors here at the moment looking for ways to spend their money, Busselton is also the shopping centre for a very large area of the south west of Australia, so one would expect to be able to find an average sized kids pair of sandals.
Now Fraser is not a follower of fashion, if there had been a pair of sandals out there he would have told us about them, as it was he was wandering around the streets of Busselton in the baking sun, in the search of sandals, we will have to drive to Bunbury some time to see if they have any.
We cleared up early at the Café today and went for a swim down at Meelup Beach, afterwards we picked up some Fish and Chips on the way home.
After dinner we put the kids to bed and watched Oceans 13, it wasn’t a classic by any stretch of the imagination but it was ok for vegging out in front of the TV.

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