Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lake House

Saturday 17th January 2009
Busselton Festival started today, Carolyn took the kids along during the day, they had a look round all the crafty bits, Wood turners, Art Galleries etc before going on some of the rides and eating Popcorn.
If you are interested in bits of animal this was the show to be at, you could buy a perfectly preserved Alligator Head, Sharks Jaws, Lots of bits of Kangaroo that could be used for various purposes including the bits that would make a man wince, they were used as pouches, now isn’t that a novel idea, makes you wonder why the Kangaroo didn’t think of that.
In the evening we went down to the foreshore to have a look around, there were a couple of fairground rides and stalls. There was a musical stage, but there wasn’t much going on there when we walked past so we didn’t hang around.
We went to the Esplanade Hotel for a couple of drinks before going home, putting the kids to bed and watching a film called Lake House.
We had never heard of this film before, it sounded like a girlie flick and Carolyn had chosen it for us to watch. That would normally be a recipe for disaster, but this time it turned out to be a really good film, we’re not going to tell you what it’s about but it’s well worth watching.

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