Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today we set foot in Australia for the first time. Our temporary Visa in our hot little hands, not a little tired but happy we finally made it out here.

We started blogging a little later but backdated to start the story, and are still backdating now, we are nearly caught up :o)

This is Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, nothing to do with post, I just like the picture.

A lot has happened, good and bad and perfectly foul, but a year on we are still glad to be here, beside the Ocean, running our Cafe, planning for a Permanent Residency Visa, watching the children gain independance and height, how much have they grown!

In two months Carolyns Dad is coming out for a visit, at last :o)

Dad, you need to copy down the kids heights we drew on 'the wall' before we left last year so we can see just how much taller they are.

Here they are modelling the uniform for their new school.

And this is what they really look like :o)


Ganeida said...


A year in WA with the 3 headed aliens is not to be sneezed at. ;P

Anonymous said...

The three of them look very smart - what are the odds that they will be so smart when I see them in a couple of months ? I know where the heights are - I will dig them out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary hon :) So glad you're enjoying it all over there. Even if that did total my favourite pub! *grin*

The HoJo's said...

Ahem, Ganeida, I wasn't going to mention them :o)

Thanks Grandad Hojo :o) I suspect they will revert to scruffy oiks by then, but clean scruffy oiks.

Thanks Jennifer, um, yes, sorry about that, I have heard dire tiding from people nearby, I did wonder who is running it in their absense? I know Mike went to the opposition ;o)


Anonymous said...

So how long till you're forced to take that dress up? My experience of Australian soaps says you need at least 6 inches off the bottom.