Sunday, February 1, 2009


Friday 9th January 2009
It was a quieter day in the café today, we still haven’t heard from the chef so Carolyn reported him as missing at the Police station, they said they would make some routine enquiries and contact us if they found him.
Carolyn took the kids down to the foreshore for the afternoon, we made them up a picnic and after they had finished eating she dumped them into Jungle Bungle an indoor play area for two hours. While they were in there Carolyn sat outside in the shade reading her book until the heat got to her, she then had to go inside where it was cooler.
We have got a new Café that opened just up the road from us today, so after work Ian and Fliss let Michelle buy them a drink there so that they could check out the opposition. The place was a café before, but was a bit run down.
They have done a good job refurbishing the place and it all looks very nice, but it is a bit pricey and Busselton daytime trade doesn’t tend to do pricey.
The drinks we had were not bad but you got the feeling that the whole concept would probably do better in the evening, maybe as a Bistro style restaurant.
We went down to the beach again this evening, there were a few stingers about and Carolyn managed to get stung across her top lip, so we didn’t stay there for long, came home for dinner and had an early night.

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