Saturday, January 31, 2009

Australian Pitta Bread

Thursday 8th January 2009
Another busy day at the Café, there is still no sign of the chef and Ian has got Aden, who has been our Dish Pig during the holidays, to start cooking and he is doing very well. We have decided that if we don’t hear from the chef tomorrow, bearing in mind he has no money and today is payday, we will report him as missing to the police just in case something untoward has happened.
We went for a swim after work down at the beach, there were quite a lot of stingers around so we didn’t stay there for long.
When we got back we put some homemade Chicken Kebabs on the Barbie and tried eating them with Salad, wrapped up in Pitta Bread, I believe we mentioned a little while ago how bad Australian imitation Greek Pitta Bread is, well it hasn’t got any better since then. So we had Chicken Kebabs with Salad and Broken up scraps of Pitta Bread, it still tasted good, the presentation just left a little bit to be desired.
But we will not be bowed, we will continue to name and shame the crap food producers and suppliers, in the hope that by the time we retire we will be able to eat well.
Marisa was in the Panto again tonight, she was great again and still as excited as the first time.


Ganeida said...

I think your Marissa & my Ditz would get along like a house on fire & don't hold your breath waiting on a pitta bread improvement. I'm old enough to remember the *white Australia* policy [odd term if you remember the Aboriginals were here before us] & it's only recently we agreed that pizza is a food! ;P My husband has a *wog* surname so I can assure you discrimination is still alive & well in this country.

Anonymous said...

Not on topic but I am going to tell you anyway. I went to Busselton once. Visited a bakery and asked for a chocolate brownie. Cheese cake? that's what I was given, and my kids (young at that time just fell about laughing).If I had a choice, Axbridge would win every time. Busselton is the end of the earth.

The HoJo's said...

Ganeida, it is a worry that a name should matter, or to whom the name should belong.

Anonymous, I happen to know that at least until a year ago it was impossible to get a chocolate brownie in Axbridge, the best you could expect is a 'from the freezer' pain au chocolat or danish pastry from the corner store. I believe the store has had a revamp recently so you never know maybe next time you visit there the choice may have improved.