Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Bad Hair Day

Wednesday 7th January 2009
Still no chef today, still no word of where he has got to, it’s payday tomorrow so we are assuming that we will see him then.
It is still busy in the Café but we are coping with being short staffed, in fact we think the staff are quite enjoying it, there’s something about getting dropped in the deep end that gets the staff to pull together and develop more complicated, ingenious conspiracy theories.
Carolyn was going to cut the kids hair this morning, unfortunately she had a minor accident while doing Marisas hair, the thing that fits on the clippers and keeps the blade a certain distance away from the head, fell off. Marisa got a lovely bald patch on the back of her head, right in the middle, in a place where without shaving the head it would be impossible to cover up.
Carolyn took the kids to the hairdressers this afternoon to try and get Marisas hair tidied up and get the boys hair done at the same time, the hairdresser did a fairly good job on Marisa bearing in mind there wasn’t much left to work with, but she barely touched the boys hair and they are likely to need it doing again before they go back to school.
We were all packed up and ready to leave by 4pm today, but just as Ian was about to walk out, our handyman came in with a swing door that we wanted put up in the kitchen doorway, fortunately it didn’t take too long to put up and Ian was still home by 5pm.
After work we went down to the beach for a swim before coming home and firing up the BBQ, we had T-Bone steak and Sausages with salad, it was lovely, it’s just a shame about the washing up of the Barbie afterwards.
Carolyn picked up the Roofbars for her car today, when we went to Repco on Sunday they didn’t have any in stock and had to order them in specially for us, retail businesses over here must have the easiest end of year stocktakes ever. It would be so simple, make sure the customers pick up their orders by a certain date and don’t order anything in for the following day, job done, go in to work in the morning just to make sure the shop is empty, put a line across a sheet of A4, lock the door and go down the beach.
The fact that we have the Roofbars in our possession does not of course mean that they will be fitted to the car anytime in the near future, it all depends on how long Ian can put off taking the Kayak and Surfboard to the beach.
It’s Carolyn’s mums birthday today and it has coincided with our first Carnation coming into flower in the front garden, it is a really Dark Red and looks lovely, we have told the kids it is Grannies Carnation.
We haven’t had a dippy quote from the staff recently, but today it was the turn of Kate who is normally a Saturday girl but is helping us out through the holidays.
Kate did something really dippy today, it is nothing unusual with Kate and we gave her the usual bit of stick about it and left it at that. She then caught us all on the hop when for no apparent reason she said “all my friends call me Crunchie”, we all looked at her bewildered until one of us was brave enough to ask why? She said ”it’s because I’m brown on the outside (she has a perma-tan) and blond in the middle”, we just collapsed, it is so Kate, while most people would think about telling people their nickname and why they got it, Kate just spits it out for the whole world to hear.
Admittedly it doesn’t look that good in print, but it was bloody funny if you were there.

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