Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tuesday 6th January 2009
We still had no chef today, we haven’t heard from him and he didn’t show up at a meeting that he was supposed to have with the company that placed him at the Café.
Conspiracy theories are starting to go round the kitchen about what might have happened to him, at the moment there is a debate going on as to whether it is him or his partner who is shoring up the patio. The rumours are pretty boring and run of the mill at the moment, but we’re sure they will get better as the week goes on if we don’t hear from him.
We finished work late tonight because we were short staffed and it took ages to clear up, so we didn’t manage to get down to the beach tonight, we think that when we eventually get our residency visa we will have to have a closer look at our work/life balance as we are convinced that dossing on the beach is much more fun than working.
Carolyn gave the reticulation man a ring and let him know that the water pump was not working properly, there must be a leak because it keeps firing itself up every couple of minutes and kept the neighbours whose names we don’t know awake all night. Now I remember, that’s what we talked to them about on the beach last night.
Marisa was at the Panto again tonight and apparently put on a very professional show, she was also very hyper when she came out again, and they’re not even rewarding her now.

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