Friday, January 30, 2009

Psycho Chef

Monday 5th January 2009
We had no chef at work today, Carolyn got a call from him last night saying that he had fallen out with his partner who had duly kicked him out and he didn’t envisage being allowed back because in his rage he had destroyed the swimming pool.
He said that he didn’t have anywhere to stay so he would have the day off to sort out some accommodation, and would come in and see us today to let us know what was going on, we haven’t seen or heard from him all day. Don’t you just love reliable staff.
It was a busy day today and Carolyn had to come in for the day, as the afternoon quietened down she had the chance to pull down all the Christmas decorations that she missed last week.
We managed to be finished and home by 5pm, the weather has been glorious so we went down the beach for a swim and to cool down. There were a few stingers in the water tonight but it wasn’t too bad, also we met and had a chat with our next door neighbours whose names we can never remember because we very rarely see them. Of course now it has got to the point where if we saw them all day every day we still wouldn’t know their names as we have already forgotten them, so to say that we can never remember their names because we rarely see them is a load of cobblers really, I shall have to make a note to reprimand myself if I say it again. I shall have to make a note because I am at that sort of age where if I don’t I will forget and will end up typing this same thing out all over again, I’m sure I must have been a goldfish in my former life. That’s if I had one of course, I can’t remember having one but that is no guarantee that I didn’t and lived to a nice healthy age where I forgot everything.
When we came back we chucked some King Prawns on the Barbie which we had with a nice fresh salad and a couple of tinnies, it reminds me of being back in Axbridge at this time of year, NOT!

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