Friday, January 30, 2009

Yoganup Market

Sunday 4th January 2009
We went to Yoganup Market this morning to get our fruit and veg, apparently one of the local campsites wants to get it closed or moved because they feel it upsets their customers, a petition had been set up to fight this move so we signed it. The markets are the main reason for us getting out of bed on a Sunday morning.
After the market we went to the foreshore and had a coffee while the kids played in the water, they had a great time, swimming round and jumping off the old Jetty.
On the way home for lunch we stopped of at Repco, a sort of car parts place (Halfords in the UK), we ordered some roof bars for Carolyns car so that we can put the Kayak and Surfboard on top when we go to the beach rather having to squeeze them into the car.
After lunch Ian was feeling a bit bored, the kids had been in the sun for a long time this morning and needed some time under cover to cool down so we couldn’t go out anywhere. So Ian in his boredom removed one of the fly screens that covered a doorway and was sticking, to see if he could repair it.
Before long he had worked out what parts he needed and how to take the old parts off and put the new ones on, that was it, the door that was sticking came off next. Before long he was on his way to Bunnings to get the parts.
While at Bunnings Ian bought enough parts to repair three doors and four fly screens, he spent the afternoon repairing said doors and fly screens and was left wondering why it had taken him nearly nine months to get round to fixing them.
Early evening we went down to the beach at the end of our road, we didn’t stay there long because there were a lot of Stingers (look like baby jellyfish) in the water.
After about twenty minutes we got out of the water and took the kids to McDonalds, Busselton McDonalds has got to be the worst McDonalds in the world. Many years ago when McDonalds first came to the UK, they had a policy that surprisingly they managed to keep very close to and that was, the customer would be served or had their order taken within 90 seconds. Admittedly since then the standards in England have slipped a bit, but nothing compared to Busselton McDonalds.
It is nothing to wait twenty minutes just to get to the counter, having got there you then wait for five minutes while they make up a couple of orders that they took earlier, which have suddenly appeared on the counter. They then ask what you want, now in Victorian times these kids would have been about the right age to be sweeping chimneys and do not tend to have a great deal of knowledge when tapping in the order.
Now whenever we place an order at McDonalds, Marisa thinks the burgers are crap and will only eat the Fillet of Fish, have you noticed how a McDonalds Fish Fillet is only half the size it used to be, they must have sold so many that they’ve decimated the fish stocks and now we have to eat the small fry. Anyway, I digress, Marisa will only eat her Fillet of Fish without the sauce, so after queuing to get to the counter for twenty minutes, spending about five minutes trying to explain to this spotty youth who is still mastering his alphabet, what we would like to eat, including the Fillet of Fish with no sauce, we wait.
After about ten minutes the order arrives, now we have been caught out before on more than one occasion and the reason we don’t go through the Drive Thru, is you can guarantee the order is wrong. So we check the order, it’s looking good, not the food but the precision of the order, but alas we were right to check, right down the bottom of the bag is the Fillet of Fish box, we open it up carefully, hunt around inside the box until we find a burger bun hidden in the corner, we lift the lid, at first we thought they had forgotten to put the fish in but the sauce was covering it. We hand it back, when we can get someone’s attention and demand one without sauce.
Ten minutes later we get the Fillet of Fish, we check it, it looks about the size of a Whitebait Fillet but that will do, let’s get out of here. When we get home, we find that everyone apart from Marisa has got a cold meal, it is the same scenario every time we go there which is why Ian doesn’t order anything from there, he went to the Pizza shop instead.
We waited the best part of three quarters of an hour to get some fast food, let’s hope they never consider opening an a la carte restaurant, you would have to work your annual holiday entitlement around going out for a meal.
With any luck, Hungry Jacks (Burger King) will open in Busselton soon and we can watch with glee, Busselton McDonalds fading into the history books, remembered only for the many wasted hours queuing to get served.
Just in case you’re interested, Ian bought his Pizza from Broadwater Pizza, Busselton, it was ordered, made, cooked, paid for and picked up in twenty minutes. It was hot, it was tasty and the only complaint he had was that there was too much of it and he couldn’t eat it all.

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Anonymous said...

Rule No. 1 - Never try to get a custom burger out of McDonalds or Burger King. If your order's more complex than 'meal 1 coke' they're bound to get it wrong!
Glad to see you're almost caught up.