Friday, January 30, 2009


Saturday 3rd January 2009
It was a very busy day in the Café today, we did a fair number of breakfasts for the Southbound Concert goers and they gave the slushie machine a good hammering, it was very hot out there today and they were looking for the coldest drink they could find.
We think that in the afternoon we must have been the only Café open in Busselton. Just after 1pm it went very quiet so we started clearing up, just as we finished the cleaning we had loads of people come in, the Café was full again and all these people were saying how glad they were to find us open because they had been searching all over town for something to eat.
We ended up closing at 4.30pm.
In the evening we walked down to Stilts for a couple of beers, when we got there five of the eight beer pumps were off because they had run out, fortunately the beer we drink wasn’t among them.
We had an early night tonight, trying to sleep while listening to the beat of the music from Southbound as the wind blew it in our direction.

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