Sunday, February 1, 2009


Saturday 10th January 2009
The Café was busy today but it didn’t feel it, we think it was a combination of all the staff being in top form on the same day along with the new kitchen layout, it was good.
The reticulation man came round today, apparently we may need a new motor or tank, we shall wait and see.
Marisa had a Matinee performance at the Panto this afternoon.

We managed to get cleared up at the Café by about 4pm and we were home not long after.

We went to Broadwater Food Hall for dinner tonight, Carolyn has never really got on with the Chinese food there but she keeps trying it, she didn’t enjoy her meal but the rest of us enjoyed ours.
When we got home the kids wanted to watch a DVD, so Carolyn and the kids watched Jaws. Ian who was absolutely knackered after a long tiring week went to bed and left them to it.

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