Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aladdin, the Last Show

Sunday 11th January 2009
We went to the market this morning before going down the front for a coffee, while we sat and watched the world go by the kids swam in the sea round the small Jetty.
After a while we went home and Ian put the new Roof Bars on Carolyns car before teaching Fraser how to cook on the BBQ.
Fraser cooked some sausages that had apparently one an award as best in Australia Gourmet Sausage or something similar, they are made of Lamb, Spinach and Olives or something like that.
He was very keen to get cooking and did very well, he gets bored and fidgety quite quickly so didn’t particularly enjoy the bits where you just stand there and watch it, but he did well.
Marisa had her final Panto show this afternoon and we had tickets for it, it was good fun and when the kids came on stage to do their bit it was amazing to see how confident she was, totally unfazed by the full house and the fact that her family were there watching her, she was also able to sit with us and watch the second half which was good.
We had bought tickets for Fliss and Aimee as well, Aimee managed to watch it up until Marisa had done her bit but had to go to work, Fliss didn’t turn up, deciding instead to spend the afternoon with her lover Lukery and his brother.
Including the interval and the speeches at the end, the whole thing took nearly three hours from start to finish, so at the end we went for an Ice Cream at Gelato before going home for an early night.
Elena who works for us and was playing the princess in the Panto was a natural on stage, the frightening thing was that, all the gooey eyes and smiles that she put on for Aladdin were exactly what she is like when she is with her boyfriend Rob.
Aladdin however didn’t look anywhere near as gooey eyed and soppy in Elenas presence as Rob does when he’s with her.


Ganeida said...

Still reading away. Pity I can't put my life on hold like this & catch up when I've got time. ;)

Elena said...

ahahah VERY nice, i shall have to tell aladdin off for not being lovey dovey enough towards me then! i cant help it... doing cinderella last yr got me in the habit of playing dumb and naive and keeping those eyes wide open in adoring awe!

...well i dont think i'm dumb and naive with rob at least.. eheh